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Earth Spinz | September 25, 2016

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Earth Spinz

It’s Real (Official Video)

13/11/2013 |

Napoleon Da Legend EarthSpinz & Thermal Soundwaves present “It’s Real” Directed by Crazy Al Cayne

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Dancing in the Rain Lyrics

19/04/2013 |

Verse 1

When we met it was first like bliss/ seems like every relationship births like this/ Neverthe-less/ it reversed right quick/ must be the reason why the earth spinz/ sort of like inertia when the nervousness ends and … Read More

SXSW: Music, Social and Technological Hybridization

15/03/2013 |

Two of the main touchstones of modern culture and life is human ingenuity and creative expression. In fact, in the century alone, human civilization has taken considerable strides that manifest these two fundamental values. They both stem from human nature … Read More

Matrix & Holograms lyrics

12/03/2013 |

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[Verse 1 : Napoleon Da Legend]

Stomp Goliath/ David with the balls of a giant heart of a lion/ Marching to Zion arguably the Messiah/ arguments fire it’s hard not to admire remarkable timing darts shining you can … Read More

The Political Awakening in China

09/03/2013 |

China is one of the oldest civilizations of man. It has a rich and magnificent cultural heritage and storied history that is almost as long as the history of mankind. It is the origin of some of the most notable … Read More

Government Genocide Gets Graphic

23/02/2013 |

When governments hold on to power and see any dissent as an intrinsic evil this makes them oppressive and unjust. When they adopt the stance that dissent must but met with violence and suppression the stage is set for atrocities … Read More

Napoleon Da Legend’s Shogun Lyrics

20/02/2013 |

verse 1 Bronze liver/ silver back gorilla deliver the science/ taking this frivolous civilization to Zion it’s a crying shame/ Crying Freeman with the aim/ my diamond shines and the demons wanna change that/ flammable data/ brains splatter/ my grammar … Read More

Wise Men Lyrics

05/02/2013 |





Wise Men NDL ft. Sean Price

Verse  NDL

Who’s the best rapper that ever lived? Answer the question kid, the lesson is/ you took more than a second then the Legend is/ Prolific rap Olympic/ standing … Read More